Androzene Review


androzeneAndrozne is a well-known male enhancement product. The supplement has been available on the market for a few years making it easy to find extensive information on the product. The Androzene site states that the product aims to heighten mood, increase energy and improve quality of erection. The products site claims that this is done by promoting blood flow.

The product is wholly endorsed by John Abdo, an Olympic strength and conditioning coach.


Androzene has been designed using a patented system called AndroPhase. Androphase has been formulated to improve absorption and ensure the ingredients remain active in your system throughout the day.

The ingredients in Androzene are as follows; niacin, calcium, zinc, yohimbe, guarana seed extract, taurine, eluethero root extract, horny goat weed, nettle root, saw palmetto and tribulus terrestris. Niacin, tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, saw palmetto and niacin are all frequently used ingredients throughout the enhancement industry.

How Much Is It?

The Androzene site offers three packages for the consumer. One bottle can be purchased for $124.99. Three bottles can be purchased at a price point of $83.32 each, and a six bottle package brings the price down even further to $62.49 each.

Bottle Contents

If the consumer were to use three tablets daily, one bottle of Androzene would be the equivalent of a one month supply.

Number Of Capsules Per Bottle

Each bottle of Androzene contains 90 tablets.

Number Of Capsules Per Serving

It is recommended to take 1 to 3 tablets up to 30 minutes before intimate contact.


Depending on the amount of product ordered, either a thirty- day, or ninety-day guarantee is provided. A thirty-day guarantee is available for those purchasing one bottle at a time, whereas a ninety-day guarantee is provided to those purchasing three bottles or more.


Because Androzene is so popular on the market, information is easy to access. Some medical practitioners do have concerns on the ingredient yohimbe as it can affect those with concerns regarding their heart health. It is always recommended that you speak with your physician before choosing any medication or supplement.

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