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Our number 1 choice for 2014 is ZENERX!

We choose Zenerx as the number 1 product for this year because of the quality of their ingredients and their industry leading 90-day money back guarantee. We highly recommend them to all of our readers.

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ViriBoost is an all natural male supplement that guarantees its ability to provide you with a firmer erection, longer lasting stamina, the opportunity for multiple orgasms, a heightened sense of sexual arousal and an increase in penis size by up to three and a half inches. The company’s website offers a racy website, paired with endorsements from professionals in the adult film industry

Ingredients: Peruvian Maca is an ingredient that the company seems to put a lot of weight on. Maca is helpful in boosting libido and encouraging longer lasting stamina during sexual encounters. Maca is also helpful in erectile function, and raising energy levels for a more exciting sexual experience. Licorice, Red Ginseng and Wild Yam are all present to act as natural aphrodisiacs and heighten sexual arousal, and Ptychopetalum Olacoides are present to encourage erectile function. One more ingredient, Dry Oats, has been known to release stored testosterone in the system, thus raising testosterone levels and the male libido.

How Much Does it Cost? As with most products, this is one of those ‘buy more, save more’ situations. A one month supply of thirty capsules will sell through the website at $34.99, whereas four bottles will sell at $109.80.

 Guarantee: The company boasts that its product is 100% risk free, but doesn’t actually list any information as to a money back guarantee or return policy.

Testimonials and Reviews: The website boasts endorsements from three sexologists, one of which actually answers the frequently asked questions segment of the site. There are also numerous testimonials from past participants in the product, all passing on glowing reviews. There are no clinical trials or blind to blind research studies provided.

 Should I use it? While the company does have an impressive list of endorsements, it doesn’t have any clinical trials to deem it scientifically successful as a product. We’re also not that impressed with the ingredients in the formula. Any product promising an increase in erectile function, should have L-Arginine in its formula, as L-Arginine is the most powerful amino acid on the market for promoting penile arousal, enhancement and stamina. While the website is sexy, we suggest you continue on in your quest for an enhancement product is sexy. A product that is sexy, because it’s guaranteed to work.

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Zenerx is our number one product for the year. This is because of the high quality ingredients it contains as well as the 90-day money back guarantee. The product is endorsed by a doctor and has been proven over 8 years of being on the market. Read our review of this product here.

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