Semenax Review

1 Bottle
Only $59.95


Semenax is a male enhancement product by Leading Edge Health that is meant to increase the amount you ejaculate when you have an orgasm while also maximizing said orgasm. It reportedly does this by using a blend of all natural ingredients.

The main website has very adult images with some bordering on pornographic. This is unprofessional. In an industry rife with scams professionalism is paramount.


Most of the ingredients found in Semenax are helpful for men with prostate and sexual health issues. These ingredients are possibly chosen because there have been no natural herbs on earth that are proven to increase sperm count in a double blind clinical trial or scientific study.

A study of the ingredients leads us the believe that this product would be useful in helping with erection difficulties and possibly prostate issues but will not help with the amount of ejaculate you produce.

How much is it?

The lowest price available for Semenax product is $33 per month. This is only an option when you purchase a minimum of a one year supply (12 bottles.) The price is about average for the industry but the minimum of 12 bottles is a bit excessive.


A 60-day money back guarantee is advertised but it is only effective on unopened bottles. If you purchase the product and find it doesn’t work for you you have no recourse against the company. Meaning the money is lost.

Testimonials and reviews?

There are many hand written testimonials available for this product that are frighteningly similar to the ones used by VigRX Plus. Audio or video testimonials would be much more effective at making us trust the company more.

Should I get it?

The lack of professionalism from Semenax mixed with the odd claims that are impossible to achieve and the excessive amount of bottles required to get the lowest price leaves us no option other than the recommend you go elsewhere for your male enhancement needs.

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