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PHGH-bottlePHGH is an enhancement product, which has been available on the market for some time. The product is well known, and consistently reviewed throughout the enhancement industry. PHGH is designed to help men improve sexual health and overall feelings of well-being. The PHGH site states that their goal is to help men achieve harder erections, increased stamina, shorter recovery periods between sexual interactions, a boost in ones libido and an increase in feelings of stimulation during climax.

The PHGH website relies heavily on the endorsement of John Lawrence, a well-known adult film star, and one of the key figures in developing PHGH for male enhancement purposes.


The ingredients included in the PHGH formula include; tribulus terrestris, L-arginine, tongkat ali, horny goat weed, maca, catuaba bark, gingkgo biloba, and L-carnitine. These are all well-known and frequently used ingredients used throughout the enhancement industry. Because PHGH uses a proprietary blend, no information is given regarding dosage amounts of each ingredient.

How Much is it?

PHGH can be purchased through the products site for a cost of $39.95. As with most products, PHGH gets more affordable, the more you purchase. For instance, two bottles are for sale at a value of $67.00 and three bottles can be purchased for a price of $89.00.

Bottle Contents

PHGH was designed to be taken as a daily supplement to your normal diet for optimal results. That being said, once you’ve started a regular regime, an additional dose of PHGH can also be taken a few hours before sex to maximize your sexual performance.

Number Of Capsules Per Bottle

Each bottle of PHGH contains 60 tablets. With dosage recommendations being higher during the first month, one would require more than one bottle for the first month. Taking extra tablets before sexual activity would also increase monthly bottle requirements.

Number Of Capsules Per Serving

PHGH dosage directions are as follows: for best results, it is recommended you take 2 tablets twice per day for the first 14 days. After the first two weeks, the PHGH site states that you can lower the dosage to just 1 tablet twice a day. Take with a glass of water, preferably after meals. An additional tablet can be taken 1-2 hours before sexual activity.


The product is accompanied by a full, 60-day money back guarantee, and provides a customer care line for questions or concerns.


The ingredients used in PHGH, are definitely heavy hitters from the enhancement industry. The consumer may be concerned with the monthly requirements needed to maintain dosage recommendations.

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